Fish Protein Concentrate Market In-depth Insights by 2028

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Fish Protein Concentrate Market: Overview

Despite its long use for several centuries in several parts of the world, it is only in the last thirty years, production of fish protein concentrate undertaken with a scientific basis. To that end, today, several pilot and full-scale industrial plants are involved in fish concentrate production. This points solid growth of fish protein concentrate market in the forthcoming years.

In general, animal-sourced protein is witnessing an uptick in demand. The proven nutritional benefits of animal-sourced protein is a key factor behind the shift in demand. This is a clear move towards increasing adoption of animal-sourced protein from plant ones, the latter which was once synonymous for healthy and low-calorie option.

An upcoming business intelligence report serves as a veritable source of information about growth trends and demand dynamics in the fish protein concentrate market over the forecast period. Statistical indicators for projections of overall market growth and small segments within each key category are depicted using charts and graphs. This enables ease of comprehension for readers of the report.

Fish Protein Concentrate Market: Notable Developments and Competitive Landscape

  • Due to environmental crisis and climatic change, adoption of alternate techniques for food production becomes necessity. This includes aquatic ecosystem too. Newer techniques for food production are for improvement of quality as well as to reduce production costs.
  • In this scenario, fish farming is evolving rapidly too. From fresh water fish breeding to indoor recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), biofloc technology (BFT) for fish farming is another leap. Biofloc technology includes complete scientific basis for cultivation of fish, for its wide use around the world.
  • While fish is considered as one of the best sources of protein, overfishing leading to disturbance in the entire marine ecosystem has necessitated sustainable alternatives to fish protein. In this direction, Impossible Foods – a leading plant-based protein brand is seeking to experiment with fish-less seafood products and to be available on shelves of stores soon.

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Fish Protein Concentrate Market: Key Trends

As fish protein concentrate witness extended popularity, product manufacturers strive to ramp up production to bridge demand-supply gap. This indicates continued growth of fish protein concentrates market in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, in most parts of the world, individuals are switching to protein-based diets for health reasons. Health publications and health awareness programs reiterate significance of protein for healthy upkeep of the body. Both by traditional and modern knowledge, animal-sourced protein is considered above par over plant based protein for nutritional value.

Besides this, manufacturers of fish based foods are centered on persuasive and influential marketing strategies by know-how of regional consumption patterns of animal-sourced protein. Strategies for marketing of fish protein of various forms, including fish protein concentrate are target of manufacturers to hit consumers at the right time. This serves to boost fish protein concentrate market.

Fish Protein Concentrate Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific is an established market for demand of fish protein concentrates. Excessive consumption of seafood in countries of Far-east Asia includes demand for fish in various forms. Fish protein concentrate is one. Individuals in Oriental nations heavily depend on seafood for their protein intake, of which fish protein concentrate is one.

In recent years, consumption of seafood is pacing in Western countries and colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Sparse communities in remotely located regions are increasingly consuming seafood for protein, changing from traditional meat sources for protein. This includes consumption of fish in various forms, including as fish protein concentrate.

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