Boris Johnson Leads Funding Battle in U.K. Tory Leadership Race

If all that mattered in U.K. politics was money, Boris Johnson would be a shoo-in to succeed Theresa May as Conservative Party Leader and prime minister.

The former Foreign Secretary has raised 158,000 pounds ($206,000) in personal donations and gifts to his local constituency party since the 2017 general election, when May’s leadership became an open question after she lost her majority.

The haul for Johnson, one of the key faces of the Brexit campaign, is more than double that raised by his nearest rivals. Environment Secretary Michael Gove had reaped 71,500 pounds and former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab 69,000 pounds by April 1, according to Bloomberg analysis of data from the Electoral Commission and the U.K. Parliament’s Register of Members’ Financial Interests.

The prize for May’s successor is far greater than just the party leadership. They will take on the premiership and the chance to shape the U.K.’s economic ties with its closest neighbors after Brexit.

While no politicians have formally announced their candidacy, Johnson, Raab and Gove are all among more than a dozen names tipped by their colleagues and the U.K. Media as considering bids.

May has clung on for 22 months since the disastrous 2017 election campaign and is unlikely to last much longer. She fired the starting gun on a leadership contest when she told Tory MPs last month that she’ll stand aside after she’s secured Parliamentary agreement for her EU withdrawal deal.