Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market Share Size, Sales volume, Analysis Growth by 2025

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Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market: Snapshot

Phosphatidylcholines, a class of phospholipids that incorporates choline as a headgroup, is a key component of biological membranes. It is usually found in the exoplasmic of a cell membrane. The compound can be obtained from a variety of readily available sources, notably eggs and soybeans. Mechanical or chemical methods are used for extraction of phosphatidylcholine from egg yolks. Purified form is produced for various commercial applications. Recent clinical interest in investigating the medicinal effects of egg phosphatidylcholine has expanded its potential in treating hepatitis, gallbladder disease, eczema, high cholesterol, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and improving the functioning of immune system. Phosphatidylcholines forms a major component of lecithin, hence they are used synonymously.

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Phosphatidylcholines play a vital role in membrane-mediated cell signaling. Furthermore, since human body uses the compound to make acetylcholine, a brain chemical, its role is studied upon passionately in managing a number of brain-centered conditions. Their uses are found to be promising in treating memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, manic-depressive disorders, and anxiety.  For treating chest pain, fat embolism, high cholesterol, and liver disease, medication containing egg phosphatidylcholine are administered intravenously (IV). In recent years, egg phosphatidylcholines are more helpful in boosting immune system maturation than many plant-based choline. The expensive process of extracting phosphatidylcholine from egg yolks has hindered the entry of players in the market to an extent. Nevertheless, in the coming years, given the vastly emerging clinical applications, the scenario will expectedly change.

Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market: Overview

Phosphatidylcholines, a variety of phospholipids with choline as a headgroup, are fat molecules considered essential to overall health of living organisms, muscles, and organs, especially the liver. Extensive research about phosphatidylcholine has shown that the chemical plays a vital role in areas such as fat metabolism, cell structure maintenance, memory, and nerve signaling. Phosphatidylcholines can be isolated from easily available sources such as egg yolk or soybean through a chemical or mechanical procedure. Phosphatidylcholines extracted from egg yolk lecithin is one of the most reliable sources of phosphatidylcholine for use across a number of commercial applications, the array of which continues to rise at a rapid pace.

Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market: Key Trends

Phosphatidylcholine has been recognized as one of the most important and fundamental molecules making up a living cell. It is a vital component of the cell membrane and is abundant in essential phospholipids – the class of phospholipids that forms the structural coating surrounding cells. Owing to the multilateral benefits of phosphatidylcholine, medications containing this chemical are extensively prescribed for treating a number of brain-centered conditions, eczema, hepatitis, high cholesterol, gallbladder disease, and blood circulation problems. Off-label use of phosphatidylcholine-based medications as a localized fat loss agent is also gaining increasing attention.

Owing to the vast scope of application, the use of egg phosphatidylcholine for the production of medications for conditions such as mentioned above is one of the key drivers of the global egg phosphatidylcholine market. With the rising prevalence of brain-centered conditions such as Alzheimer’s and amnesia and the rising prevalence of fat embolism and related complications, the demand for egg phosphatidylcholine is expected to rise in the pharmaceutical industry. The increased demand for egg phosphatidylcholine in nutritional supplements is also expected to drive the market.

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Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market: Market Potential

A recent study by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences of the University of Alberta demonstrated that although choline is essential for the proper functioning of immune system of lactating mothers and their babies, the kind of choline consumed – animal or plant-based, is just as essential as the amount consumed. The study compared immune system maturation in early postnatal life of a group of rodents fed phosphatidylcholine, a source of choline obtained from animal sources such as egg yolk and chicken, to those fed free choline, which is obtained from plant sources such as soybean.

The study concluded that the rodent offspring fed two different varieties of choline grew at the same rate over the course of the study. However, when the immune cells of both subjects were stimulated to prompt an immune response, the phosphatidylcholine-fed rodent induced a greater response. This points towards the possibility that egg or other animal-based phosphatidylcholine leads to an enhanced immune system maturation as compared to the plant-based choline.

Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market Regional Outlook:

From a geographical perspective, the egg phosphatidylcholine market earns a leading share in its overall revenue from sales across regions such as North America and Europe, chiefly attributable to the high consumption of nutritional supplements in these regions. Asia Pacific also presents vast growth opportunities for the egg phosphatidylcholine market owing to the changing lifestyles and food habits of the population and resultant rise in demand for supplements to make up for the lack of essential nutrients in everyday diet. Rising awareness regarding healthcare, rising per capita incomes, and increased availability of egg phosphatidylcholine products are also some factors driving the market in Asia Pacific.

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Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market: Competitive Analysis

The global market for egg phosphatidylcholine features a low number of participants, a scenario that is likely to remain the same owing to the costly process of extracting phosphatidylcholine from egg yolk. High cost of egg phosphatidylcholine may compel end-use sectors to shift their focus on phosphatidylcholine manufactured from alternative sources such as soybean.

Nevertheless, increased focus on R&D activities aimed at the development and commercialization of new applications of egg phosphatidylcholine could provide market players healthy growth opportunities. Some of the key players operating in the market presently are NOF America Corporation, Kewpie Corporation, Vitamin Research Products, Nutrasal Inc, Jena Bioscience GmbH., Natural Factors, Harmony Whole Foods Market, and Avanti Polar Lipids Inc. 

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