What is cross-fitness?

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What are the differences of this type of training. How to eat while eating. How to make a training program.

In a variety of areas, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice and determine something that is unique to yourself. Hearing about a new way of developing the body, many of us become too suspicious, believing that such changes in the program will not be effective and will do more harm than good. But this is not so. For example, cross fitness is one of the most interesting and promising areas that can solve the most serious problems in sports. What is it? What are the features of the “cross fitness”?


Let’s start with the differences

If you explain the essence of the definition in simple words, then crossfit (the abbreviated name of this type of fitness) is a type of circular training in which all exercises are performed on a circular basis and for short periods of time. But unlike standard round-robin training, cross-fitness has a number of distinctive features:

  • the complex involves loads that allow you to develop a whole group of different human qualities. Among them – agility, endurance and strength indicators. That is why all crossfit training is conditionally divided into several stages – stretching (gymnastics), cardio training and anaerobic exercise (weightlifting);
  • Cross fitness does not imply inclusion of isolated exercises in the program. It does not matter if the muscles are worked out on the simulators or is free weight used. Maximum emphasis is placed on preparing the body to receive large loads. The training program includes a variety of exercises – bench presses, jerks, jerks, traction, and so on. As shells, anything can be used, namely dumbbells, barbell and weights;
  • the crossfit program necessarily includes work with your own weight, for example, on the bar and rings. Various types of jumping in place, jumping out and so on are also appreciated here. A big plus is the availability of endurance classes. In the latter case, it is good to use a skipping rope, an exercise bike (or a real bike). It is advisable to swim and run more;
  • Cross fitness is distinguished by the absence of any strictly fixed competitive activities. So, at various tournaments, athletes can themselves choose a set of exercises and make a decision on their combination. For example, you can develop a pair of strength-endurance, dexterity-strength, and so on;
  • Cross-training training program is selected individually, taking into account many parameters. Here, the equipment of the hall, the individual characteristics of the body, the availability of equipment, and so on, have an effect;
  • To master the technique and move into the ranks of cross-fit professionals, several components are necessary – will, desire to achieve results, patience and the presence of a qualified trainer at hand.


What are the benefits?

CrossFit is a very popular direction in sports, which attracts more and more people who want to develop their body. What are the benefits? There are several of them:

  1. Flexibility and affordability. As professional cross-fitness masters assure, anyone can engage in this direction, regardless of age categories. Grandparents, children, beginners and professional athletes come to training. The load can be selected for each person individually. All that is required is to decide on a set of exercises and choose the most appropriate training intensity.
  2. Maximum results. Unlike standard workouts, cross fit gives guaranteed results in a short time. So, for a short period of time, you can remove excess fat, achieve greater endurance, make an ideal figure, gain muscle and so on.
  3. The greatest functionality. A feature of cross fitness is the lack of workout load with just trainers. The complex of training includes a variety of exercises (including those that are performed on the street).
  4. Security. During training, you can not worry about your health, because all exercises are natural and, with strict adherence to the technique, are harmless to the body. In the case of the correct approach to the training process of stretching, torn ligaments and other negative aspects are excluded.
  5. Group work. A feature of the direction is the ability to work both individually and in large groups (from five people).
  6. The competitive spirit in performing various ligaments helps to improve the overall results of classes. Many athletes make any sacrifice to add points to themselves.
  7. Broadening the horizons. This direction includes many sports, for example, powerlifting, weightlifting, aerobics and others. Consequently, during CrossFit classes you can expand your knowledge about various types of movements and their functional load.
  8. Improvement of many indicators. Regular training contributes to the development of the body in the field of endurance, strength, speed, sharpness, coordination of movement and so on.




As in other directions, in a cross fit, proper nutrition is extremely important. The first thing you need to focus on is complex carbohydrates, which are sources of stable and “clean” energy. It is important to add fruits, nuts, meat products, vegetables and so on to the diet. The basic principle is that nutrition provides the necessary amount of energy, promotes recovery, accelerates weight gain.

Training Features

The first thing you need to pay attention to is basic exercises like bench presses, squats, deadlifts and so on. In this case, the main goal is to teach the technique of performing exercises. At the same time, you need to learn the rules of gymnastics – various stretch marks, inclinations, climbing the rope, push-ups, and so on.

Be sure to include running exercises, swimming, somersaults, cycling, and so on in your training program. Having picked up a few dozen exercises, start combining them, while doing 4-6 times a week. The main emphasis should be on intensity and diversity.


Crossfit training scheme, as a rule – 3 lessons with one day of rest. If such a training scheme is too heavy, then it can be simplified and work on the principle of 2 + 2 (two days of training and two days of rest). The total duration of training may vary – it all depends on the tasks and goals of the body.


Knowing what crossfit is and what its capabilities are, you can achieve significant results and develop your body as much as possible. The main thing is to correctly draw up a training program and show the will to win.