ENT Diagnostic Devices Market: Qualitative Analysis of the Leading Players and Competitive Industry Scenario, 2018 to 2028

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FMR’s latest report on ENT Diagnostic Devices Market

The recent market intelligence study by FMR elaborates the all in all perspective of the worldwide ENT Diagnostic Devices market, from its historical growth through the future outlook. The report is scrutinized on the basis of product type, end use, region and market players. Each segment depicted based on market share, revenue, and demand prospect.

Analysts at FMR find that the ENT Diagnostic Devices Market reached a value of ~US$ xx Mn/Bn in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at CAGR of xx% during the forecast period 2018 to 2028. The growth is primarily driven by increasing demand for ENT Diagnostic Devices among the consumers, better disposable income, and enhanced GDP in developing countries.

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After reading the ENT Diagnostic Devices Market report, readers can:

  • Understand the drivers, restraints, opportunities and trends that impact the overall growth of the ENT Diagnostic Devices Market
  • Grasp the market outlook in terms of value and volume
  • Study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each stakeholder operating in the ENT Diagnostic Devices Market
  • Learn about the manufacturing techniques of ENT Diagnostic Devices in brief
  • Figure out the positive and negative factors impacting the product sales

What kind of questions the ENT Diagnostic Devices Market report answers?

  • Why is region witnessing the slowest demand growth for ENT Diagnostic Devices ?
  • What kind of agreements are the players entering into in the global ENT Diagnostic Devices Market?
  • Which sub-segment will lead the global ENT Diagnostic Devices Market by 2029 by product?
  • Which ENT Diagnostic Devices market players hold significant shares in terms of value and volume?
  • What alternatives are consumers looking for in the global ENT Diagnostic Devices Market?

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Competitive Landscape: Notable Highlights

  • In September 2018, Broncus Medical Inc. announced that company’s Archimedes™ Virtual Bronchoscopy Navigation System was studied to deliver enhanced access to solitary pulmonary nodules as per the data revealed by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress. The Archimedes system is first of its kind real-time virtual bronchoscopy navigation system with embedded intra-procedure fused-fluoroscopic guidance feature.
  • In April 2018, PENTAX Medical, an industry leader in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy systems launched a new HD endoscope system for ENT procedures in the U.S. The new DEFINA is a video processor and the J10 Series a combination of three endoscopes – Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscopes.
  • In February 2018, Stryker Corporation, a leader in the ENT diagnostic devices market announced the completion of the acquisition of Entellus Medical, a leading medical technology provider.
  • In January 2018, Cupris Health, a British start-up introduced TYM smartphone otoscope, which is a clinical-grade otoscope that can be plugged to a smartphone for taking high-resolution images and video of external ear canal and eardrum.
  • In January 2017, Natus Medical Incorporated announced the completion of the acquisition of GN Otometrics, a leading provider of hearing and balance diagnostic tools. The acquisition is aimed at combining the product portfolio of Natus and Otometrics and further increase the growth potential.
ent diagnostic devices market competitive landscape

Fact.MR report delivers information on notable developments of all the key players in the ENT diagnostic devices market. Profiled players in the ENT diagnostic devices market includes Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG, BioMed Jena GmbH, MAICO Diagnostics GmbH, PATH medical GmbH, Fujifilm Corporation, Smith and Nephew PLC., Hedera Biomedics S.r.l., iHEARmedical, Inc., Hill-Rom., Veran Medical Technologies and Ambu A/S among others.

Fact.MR’s study offers incisive insights on the ENT diagnostic devices market. A summary of the report is available upon request.

Top 5 Players Hold 56% of ENT Diagnostic Devices Market Revenues

The ENT diagnostic devices market remains moderately consolidated among top 5 players who hold over half the market share. Top 5 players in the ENT diagnostic devices market are Medtronic Plc, Fujifilm Corporation, Smith and Nephew Plc., Stryker Corporation and Natus Medical Incorporated. Mergers and acquisitions are the prominent growth strategies adopted by these players. In addition, R&D collaborations are also prominent to lower the prices of ENT diagnostic devices.

The ENT diagnostic devices market is also witnessing the emergence of local start-ups who are introducing low-priced devices. Owing to the successful penetration of these devices, the start-ups and small players have increased manufacturing capacities as well as regional market presence. Increasing revenues of these companies are challenging the hegemony of leading players in the ENT diagnostic devices market.

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Focus on Care Delivery Introduces Breakthrough Innovations in ENT Diagnostic Devices Landscape

As the medtech industry has shifted from marketing model to a care delivery model, greater strides are underway in the field of the medical diagnostic technology landscape. In a bid to introduce improved diagnosis, the ENT diagnostic devices marketplace has witnessed the introduction of multiple breakthrough innovations.

Telemedicine is a phenomenon in the otolaryngology which brings medical care to patients. Although, otolaryngology has witnessed slower adoption of telemedicine, advances in audiograms, diagnostic imaging and endoscopy have increased use of telemedicine approach.

Further, to bridge the gap between patient and point of care, ENT diagnostic devices market is witnessing the introduction of smart devices. For instance, after Cupris Health’s introduction of smartphone otoscope in January 2018, in May 2018, hearX Group introduced the world’s first clinically validated smartphone audiometry solution hearTest.

Prevalence of ENT Disorders and Significant Penetration of ENT Surgeries

prevalence and treatment rate of sinusitis 2017

Problems associated with ear, nose and throat are among the most common factors responsible for hospital visits, particularly among the pediatric population. The ageing population has further increased the number of hospital visits for ENT problems across the globe. According to a survey study by Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, prevalence of tinnitus was found to be between 8 to 25.3% of the population of the United States. Between 10 to 30% of the population in the United States and Europe is affected by Sinusitis.

Advances in the accessibility of healthcare facilities and favorable reimbursement policies for ENT procedures have increased the number of ENT surgeries performed for the treatment of ENT related diseases. Prevalence of ENT disorders and rising penetration of ENT surgeries are expected to increase the importance of ENT diagnostic devices in the future.

High Cost of the ENT Diagnostic Devices to Hamper Market Growth

Acquiring an ENT diagnostic device involves an initial capital investment of device purchase and set up, and further cost of repair and maintenance. The cost recovery depends on uncertain factors such as the number of procedures performed per day. Further, limited financial support in specific locations impedes the adoption of improved ENT diagnostic devices in the healthcare facilities.

ent diagnostic devices market value chain analysis

In addition, developing markets lack the awareness regarding the full potential of ENT diagnostic devices, thereby restraining the growth of the ENT diagnostic devises market. Also, inadequate healthcare infrastructure of these markets shows unreadiness for the adoption of advanced ENT devices owing to lack of knowledge and financial abilities.

Being First-Line Tools in Disease Management, ENT Diagnostic Devices Witness Higher Installation Base

As diagnosis plays a crucial role in disease management, doctors remain heavily dependent on diagnostic testing. Particularly in the ENT field, observation of ear, nose and throat remains challenging owing to the physiology of organs. ENT diagnostic devices aid in the efficient management of ENT diseases.

In addition, efficient diagnostic devices significantly reduce the time required in disease evaluation, thereby leading to faster treatment determination. Further, the rate of installation of ENT diagnostic devices has increased owing to positive patient outcomes. With the increasing awareness regarding the advantages of ENT diagnostic devices among healthcare professionals as well as patients, installation of ENT diagnostic devices is likely to rise in the future.

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ENT diagnostic devices are the group of instrument or equipment used for the diagnostic procedures of ear, nose and throat (ENT). Based on function, ENT diagnostic device can be used to observe, guide the diagnostic device, aid in surgical treatment or in detection of defect or ability in hearing.

About the Report

Fact.MR has compiled a new study of ENT diagnostic devices market and published a report titled, “ENT Diagnostic Devices Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights 2018 to 2028.” The report covers all the vital market facets that hold a prominent influence on the growth of the ENT diagnostic devices market.

ENT Diagnostic Devices: Market Structure

The ENT diagnostic devices market report delivers an in-depth analysis on the ENT diagnostic devices market structure. The ENT diagnostic devices market is segmented on the basis of product, modality and end user.

Based on product, the ENT diagnostic devices market is segmented into ENT endoscopes, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy systems and hearing screening devices. In ENT endoscope segment, the ENT diagnostic devices market is studied for laryngoscopes, sinuscopes, otoscopes, fiberscopes and bronchoscopes.

Under the hearing screening devices, the ENT diagnostic devices market is studied for audiometers, auditory brainstem response analyzers, tympanometers and otoacoustic emissions analyzers.

ent diagnostic devices market taxonomy

Based on modality, the ENT diagnostic devices market is studied for hand-held devices, portable devices and fixed devices. End user segment of the ENT diagnostic devices market includes hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and ENT clinics.

The global ENT diagnostic devices market analysis is based on the market study in key regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, APEJ, Japan and MEA.

ENT Diagnostic Devices Market – Additional Questions Answered

In addition to the aforementioned insights, the ENT diagnostic devices market report delivers an all-inclusive market analysis that can answer some of the baffling questions business professionals interested in the ENT diagnostic devices market.

  • Based on the ear, nose and throat diseases, which diagnostic device will witness highest consumption in 2019?
  • What will be the impact of regulatory framework and reimbursement policies on the growth of the ENT diagnostic devices market during forecast?
  • Which region present potential revenue stream for the ENT diagnostic devices market in 2019?
  • Which end user will present significant level of ENT Diagnostic devices adoption in 2019?

ENT Diagnostic Devices Market – Research Methodology

The ENT diagnostic devices market report provides a thorough discussion on the research methodology used to study the ENT diagnostic devices market. In the research methodology section, research approaches used such as primary and secondary research during the course of ENT diagnostic devices market are covered.

Primary research approach includes a comprehensive interviews with industry savants and domain-specific analysts. Secondary research includes an in-depth study of industry database, company press releases, published industry articles and other credible market sources.

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