Incontinence Products Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2019 to 2029

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The Incontinence Products Market research report aims to provide an unbiased and a comprehensive outlook of the global market to the readers. Analysts have studied the key trends defining the trajectory of the market. The research report also includes an assessment of the achievements made by the players in the Incontinence Products Market so far. It also notes the key trends in the market that are likely to be lucrative.

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Incontinence Products Market: Segmentation

For clearer understanding of the Incontinence Products Market, analysts have segmented the market. The segmentation has been done on the basis of application, technology, and users. Each segment has been further explained with the help of graphs figures. This breakdown of the market gives the readers an objective view of the Incontinence Products Market, which is essential to make sound investments.

A market research study is incomplete without regional analysis, and we are well aware of it. That is why, the report includes a comprehensive and all-inclusive study that solely concentrates on the geographical growth of the Incontinence Products Market. The study also includes accurate estimations about market growth at the global, regional, and country levels. It empowers you to understand why some regional markets are flourishing while others are seeing a decline in growth. It also allows you to focus on geographies that hold the potential to create lucrative prospects in the near future.

Using the competitive analysis offered in the report, players can gain sound understanding of certain behaviors of other market participants. This equips them to make the required changes in their marketing strategies and improve their business tactics to strongly position themselves in the Incontinence Products Market. With detailed mapping of the vendor landscape, the report highlights highly competitive areas of the Incontinence Products Market. The report also talks about the nature of the vendor landscape and reasons supporting it. It profiles some of the prominent names in the Incontinence Products industry.

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Competitive Landscape

The incontinence products market remains consolidated in nature, with the leading players capturing a whopping ~70% share in revenues. Essity AB, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and Procter and Gamble, among others, are focused on technology advances for new launches at affordable price points, to remain ahead of the curve. Companies are offering advanced disposable underwear designs to make them more similar to regular underwear in terms of fit, softness, and discretion.

While leading companies adhere to traditional growth strategies, such as product portfolio expansion, mid-level counterparts are emphasizing on strong production capabilities, and eying robust presence overseas. Pricing strategies aimed at making products more affordable remain the key focus area of the companies that are vying to appeal a wide pool of incontinence sufferers. The big shots in the incontinence products market are also focusing on expanding their sales footprint in the developing regions to embark their brands in the market with limited availability of distribution channels of their rivals.

As hygiene product manufacturers continue to recognize the significance of skin health for incontinent sufferers who are at risk of painful rashes from prolonged exposure to moisture, the market is witnessing increased development of better absorbing and drier products. This is likely to fuel the penetration of premium variants that are focused on providing comfort and care to the perineal area, in the incontinence products market. Additionally, several stakeholders have made inroads into the category of caregiver-centric products, with new launches, featuring proper instructions aimed at guiding caregivers to fit the respective products in a correct manner. Moreover, development of suction device to automatically remove the urine from special adult disposable diapers to ease the burden of the caregivers is also likely to emerge as a significant trend in the forthcoming years.

global incontinence products market development canvas

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Key Factors Shaping the Incontinence Products Market

  • Rise in diabetes and stroke cases has pushed the incidence rates of incontinence, thereby creating an influx of revenue making opportunities for the stakeholders.
  • Growing efforts to raise public awareness over bladder and bowel health continue to magnify the growth prospects of the incontinence products market.
  • With relevant sources indicating that nearly 200 MN people suffer from some form of urinary incontinence, with the condition more prevalent among women, opportunities remain abound for companies in incontinence products market.
  • Emergence of internet as a discreet channel for sales of incontinence products has been making these goods easily assessable to a wide pool of customers.
  • Increasing focus of prospective consumers on better quality of life continues to fuel their spending on incontinence products that promise hassle-free routine and active lifestyles.
  • Shifting focus of incontinence products manufacturers on specialized products that match with the problems of the wearers is likely to be a value addition to the lucrativeness of the market. As customer comfort is rapidly taking the center stage, the market is highly likely to witness a broader range of leak-proof and odor-free incontinence products, in the forthcoming years.

Key Challenges Faced by Stakeholders in the Incontinence Products Market

  • Significant consumer reluctance revolving around the purchase of incontinence products remains the key challenge ahead of the market players.  Such psychological barriers and stigma have been hampering the growth of the incontinence products market to some extent.  
  • Growing consumer concerns related to the adverse environmental effects of leveraging incontinence products continue to drive a shift to reusable and cost-effective products, such as home-made and cloth based adult incontinence diapers. Such a trend is highly likely to adversely hit the adoption of disposable continence products in the forthcoming years.

Additional Insight – Incontinence Products Market

Product Innovation – Breaking Barriers to Broader Usage

Product innovation is garnering substantial focus as a key trend in the global incontinence care market and is further fostering the penetration and adoption of premium incontinence products. The wide range of incontinence sufferers has been broadening the opportunities for manufacturers to innovate in this space, and reap higher benefits by improving product absorbency levels, skin friendliness, breathability and odor control. Such rapid developments in pads, adult diapers, disposable underwear, and other products are likely to create considerable lucrative avenues for market players to march forward in the market, while appealing to a new pool of customers. Determinants, such as growing consumer awareness and better understanding of various incontinence conditions, normalization and improved access to such products have been contributing significantly to the growth of the market.

This trend of product innovation is highly likely to remain in full swing in the incontinence products market, in line with the growing initiatives of market players at different levels that are aimed at meeting the volatile prerequisites of incontinence sufferers.

incontinence products market penetration assessment by region 2018

Incontinence Products Market – Research Methodology

An authentic methodology and holistic approach lays the base of the riveting information presented in the incontinence products market. The Fact.MR study provides detailed information regarding the growth projection of the incontinence products industry, along with a systematic breakdown of the factors that are shaping the growth prospects of the market.

Detailed primary and secondary research has been done to present the valuable insights into the forecast analysis of incontinence products market. The report on incontinence products market has undergone several validation tunnels to make sure that the incontinence products market dynamics mentioned in the report is unique and exclusive.

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